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Swimming Pool Plastering Near Me

Background renovating your swimming pool could mean turning the backyard into a breathtaking yet purposeful oasis for entertainment and relaxation. At Tumi Builders Inc., we specialize in numerous renovation services that breathe new life into aging or outdated pools. Our services range from complete swimming pool remodeling and concrete pool installation to pool renovation. Our expert builders and pool plastering contractors will surely provide top-tier services that meet your needs.

In this article, you will learn the key ingredients of a pool renovation and the options available to maximize your swimming experience.

Getting to Know Pool Renovation

The renovation of a pool is upgrading an existing pool to enhance its functionality, add to its aesthetics, or increase its safety. It can be anything from a replastering of the pool, new tile installations, or total reconstruction to include the upgrades that significantly increase the value of your property and your overall satisfaction with your outdoor living space.

Why Choose a Pool Remodel?

As time passes, pools are likely to crack, spring leaks, or be fitted with out-of-date features that don’t align with safety standards. The renovation can not only rectify this but also provide you with the opportunity to transform your pool into a better pool through the newest technologies and designs. This means getting your pool more energy-efficient, having low maintenance costs, and being a treasured part of your home.

Inground Pool Plastering

Tumi Builders INC is a specialist in inground pool plastering. We personalize the work to showcase each homeowner’s landscape and design preference. Whether it involves adding a spa, tile renovation, or advanced water features, our team ensures that every little renovation detail contributes to the pool’s existing beauty and functionality.

Pool Replastering and Swimming Pool Replaster

The interior surface of your pool brings it to life and gives it durability, making pool replastering a vital service. Tumi Builders INC offers many choices for plastering, from regular white plaster to color-infused finishes that are resistant to algae and chemical erosion.

Concrete Pool Remodeling and New Construction

If you are considering renovating more substantially, our concrete pool renovations are perfect. This sturdy material can be designed in any shape or size. We will be at your service with a team to ensure that whichever is delivered perfectly matches your dream.

How to Hire A Pool Renovation Contractor

Pool Renovation For the success of choosing the right contractor for the job, the importance of pool plastering has a lot to its credit. We at Tumi Builders can claim to be the best swimming pool remodeling company, boasting a lot about our transparent process and best materials and always making the needs of the client the number one priority. We understand that no job is the same, and hence, we will provide a solution tailor-fitted to you, ensuring only the best in terms of quality of workmanship for the satisfaction of our customers.

Designing Your Pool Renovation Project

Proper planning is crucial for initiating any renovation work. A few steps that should be followed in order not to face hindrances on a project are as follows:

Define Your Goals:

Clearly state what you wish to achieve with your renovation. Is it more aesthetics, functionality, or both? 


Create a realistic budget that has factored in the requisite expenses, such as materials, labor, and incidental fees. 

Material Selection:

Work out the materials for your aesthetic and other basic requirements. Our experts will be at your service for your project to help you select from these materials. 


Talk to us about the project’s timeline to accommodate your schedule and possible special events you may have planned around your pool area. 

A remodel of your pool can greatly increase the aesthetics and value of your property and your quality of life. Tumi Builders, Inc., one of the top pool builders, turns old run-down pools into magnificent, useful aquatic environments. Whether it be inground pool plastering, replastering a pool, or installing a new concrete pool, our team is up to the challenge to give you the most proud-to-show-off, spectacular pool.

Contact us today to discuss your pool remodeling needs and take the first step toward realizing your dream backyard.